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Red Dirt Road Release Date

Hello Friends,

As you probably already know the new book in the Saving Angels Series, Red Dirt Road, will be out September 24th (click here to add to your goodreads list!)! I’d like to introduce you to the characters and give you the opportunity to start your journey early. I’m going to post the blurb, a note from myself that will be included in the book,

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Ten Questions with Gabriel Roberts:



Ten Questions with Gabriel Roberts:

When I was first approached to do an interview with Gabriel Roberts, I was a little intimated. Sure, I had met him before. We swapped a few stories, discussed a few songs and the idea of love at first sight, but an interview? He rarely gives them. An interview with him is just about as rare as his elusive signature.

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Chapter from Gabriels POV

Hi Guys,

I’ve been waiting patiently to share this with everyone. This is a chapter I wrote from Gabriel’s POV. I think it really gives you an insight into what Gabriel was going through and how he was feeling. If you would like to read it AND have a chance to win a couple of awesome prizes… go HERE!



Doing the Blog Thing

Dear Friends,


I can’t believe I am finally christening my new website with my first blog post! I was a little hesitant to write at first, because the website was just so pretty and I didn’t want to mess anything up. But seeing as I’m a writer, and I have this awesome website, and Marigny Street has finally been released, I felt this was the appropriate time to say something.

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