Monthly Archives: November 2013

$0.99 week for Marigny Street

I usually don’t post about these sorts of things on my blog, but I figured it was worth it this time. Marigny Street is $0.99 for the next five days. Which I think is an excellent deal. So, pretty please share the love and pass it around.


>>>>Epiphany (Poof– and you are to Marigny Street!)


I hope everyone has a beautiful Thanksgiving.

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“We do not chase fireflies to know their ending destination; We chase fireflies just to watch them shine.”

I really wanted to post about this today but wasn’t sure where. I considered posting on Facebook, but I got the feeling it was going to be too long of a post. Then it dawned on me: I have a website! I forget that sometimes. You see, all the other blogs/websites I’ve had in the past have gone dead. Sort of like all of the plants I buy. I swear this time will not turn out like the last,

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