Life is the journey of years. Love is the journey of a lifetime.

How do you get there, darlin’? Well, na’, you start by taking Marigny Street. After you travel a little distance you’ll come to an old Red Dirt Road, and that road will take you even further, to Lotus Blossom Lane. Time spent there will bring you to The Crossroads. And then finally, finally, you’ll come to Sparrow Way, the last journey of the Saving Angels Series.

All five stories in one boxed set:

Marigny Street
Red Dirt Road
Lotus Blossom Lane
The Crossroads
Sparrow Way

Praise for Annie Rose Welch’s Saving Angels Series:

“Marigny Street is one of the most beautiful, lyrical, poetic and romantic stories I have ever read.” -The Book Tart, on Marigny Street

“Hauntingly beautiful.” -Not Everyone’s Mama, on Marigny Street

“I fell hard for Marigny Street, the first book in The Saving Angels Series and this second installment did not disappoint. Once again the writing style immersed me into the story.” -The Book Tart, on Red Dirt Road

“Ms. Welch writes with such passion that you feel like you are part of the story and the details are so vivid you can close your eyes and be transported to another time and place. The history and symbolism in this story is beautiful yet heartbreaking.” -Cajun Book Lover, on Lotus Blossom Lane

“When I read romance type novels the ones that appeal to me most have strong, independent, intelligent women. The Crossroads was filled with women like this.” -Mychele Boardman, Leaping into Life Blog, on The Crossroads

“This is a strikingly gorgeous, brilliantly written, hauntingly beautiful and poignant book that Annie Rose Welch has gifted us with. Yes this book is a gift. The most wonderful gift we can receive as a reader.” – Hello- Booklover, on Sparrow Way

“It is a remarkable writer who can paint into life the essence of places and people using only words. Annie Rose Welch does this expertly in her descriptions throughout.” -Leaping into Life Blog

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