Hello Lovelies,

As you can probably gather from my telling blog title, this one is dedicated to a mishmash of news and issues.

First, let me just start by wishing Pistol Fanny’s a Happy (belated) Bookday! It’s been over a year (July 17, 2015) since that crazy tale has been released, and it certainly has been a journey. In honor of that momentous occasion, I am hosting a giveaway! The prize: A signed copy of Pistol Fanny’s Hank & Delilah (restrictions do apply; US residents are eligible for a signed paperback. Anyone outside of the US will be entered to win a Kindle copy).

If you’d like to enter, you can do so here!

Next up, the opportunity to review my books– before release!  I’ve been on the search for a solid review team that I can count on. So, if the thought of reviewing my books makes you smile, please sign up. You can find the form here.

What else? Well, let’s see.

I’m off to Nashville in September for Authors at the Opry. If you plan on attending and would prefer to preorder your books, or if you’d just enjoy a signed paperback, here’s another form. (At least it’s fun form, right? Not like the ones you fill out at the doctor’s office.)

If you’ve been checking the status of the UpComing Projects Page, I’m sure you’ve noticed that Hazel’s story has a release date. Sweetest Sister is the title of her book, and it will be released exclusively in a boxed set this October, until its solo release in December. December 14, 2017, to be exact. Each sisters’ tale will be released about every three months, so that leaves us with March 14, 2017 (Melody), June 14, 2017 (Gillian), and September 14, 2017 (Jo).

If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter yet, DO. I’ve been keeping in touch more often, and I usually have a lot of goodies to share, including exclusive giveaways and information that will trickle down to my blog posts after being announced in the newsletter first. No Stale news is Good news. Just sayin’. 😉